Whether we are meeting before or after the Chapel or at another location we will plain out a photo tour that goes to some best places to do photos for the time you have chosen – New – Old – Classic or Retro or a little of each, this is about working together with you to capture great images.

We average around 200 photos for our 2 hr. packages and stop at 4 or 5 locations.
We ride with you, you with us or we taxi – let’s do this!

This is a classic elegant location a perfect place for that special look in your photos and or for your wedding as well.

I love doing photos here!

Fun – Cool – Unique ? The retro look has become very popular in the last 5 years or so.
Old Vegas still lives –Or was that Elvis ? There are tons of spots to get great images at in the the
downtown area with the old neon, the signs and even the wall murals not to mention the welcome sign(s). Just plum fun.

Brides – Brides - Brides – My theory is that the bride is the main part of the photoshoot (no offense guys) but it is about the bride. Oh we will still get plenty of the two of you but make no mistake
its her day and always will be.

Absolutely my favorite place to photograph Brides and Grooms. Our 2 hr packages where you meet us up by there start at $450 and Include full computer image processing – no exceptions what we Visualize in the camera is completed in the computer. Our 3 hr. package where we pick you up and drop you back at your hotel is $525 and we usually Go a little over as we stop on the way back at The Welcome Sign or Downtown If that’s ware you are staying.

This is my family at a favorite place of ours Zion National Park. I have been married 22 years to My lovely wife Germaine and these are our two kids. I have been doing full time Photography In Las Vegas for over 17 years and enjoy it every bit as much today as when I started– maybe more! Being able to do What I absolutely Love is such a blessing from God. I never take that fact for granted and I strive to do my best for everyone one my clients. Meeting people from all over the world and spending a short but sweet time together creating exceptional and unique images for you and me is an absolute joy.